At Altai Skis, we let you decide what kind of backcountry skiing you want to do – and where to do it.


I am a snowshoer and want to use them to travel and explore in place of my snowshoes.


I’m a crosscountry skier and want to roam around the hills and forest where I live.


I like to tour in the winter backcountry and find places where I can make some turns.

Product Spotlight: HOKS

Whether in deep powder or thick forest, up a hiking trail or down an open glade – Hoks are designed to take you there.

Hoks just go. No transitions, no adjusting, just continuous movement that lets you go where you want to go.

Hok Colors


Balla Hoks

Kids' Hoks



Skiers of the Altai

The Altai Mountains are dead center in the Eurasian Continent. The earliest written records  of skiing (in Chinese histories) refer to skiers hunting in the Altai. Skiing’s place of origin is still a mystery but the Altai/ Lake Baikal region is considered one of the likely places where skis were first used. Read more >

10.14B Skiers on Rock 3441

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