About the US and Canada Stores

As of fall 2014 we have upgraded our site to serve customers in both Canada and the US. First, our site is now multilingual (French and English)! The other big change (aside from the new look) is that we now accept payment in US and Canadian dollars. When entering the Product Page you need to choose between the US store or the Canadian store. We found this was the cleanest way to separate the two shopping carts as the products all have their own buy buttons as well as sizing and other options, both of which may vary between the US and Canada. Due to separate inventories, Canadian customers must buy from the Canadian site and US customers from the US site. We do not ship cross border through the website. If you have special shipping arrangements or questions, please contact us at info@altaiskis.com or (509) 779-0030.

For Canadians, you can now pay in Canadian dollars and avoid international credit card transaction fees. Along with credit cards you can also choose to pay with a Paypal account. We do not store your credit card information (please read more on this if you want in our privacy statement).

Please let us know if you have any questions or difficulties navigating the site, we hope you like it!