Altai Skis Adjustable Ski Poles

We just go our new ski poles in. We have been working on these for the last year as many of our users still prefer to use two poles rather then our single poles (Tiaks) for skiing the Hoks. Our view is that two poles work great for cruising around on low angle terrain and for those coming from the snowshoe world. If you are a dedicated skier and look at (or for!) hills as something to go down – we recommend the single pole for the Hoks. For more on this check out this article – Tiaks

We have worked with a Finnish supplier who has several poles he has developed. This one is a 2 piece (our preference) with an adjustment length to 150cm. The poles are manufactured in China.

Specs on the poles are as follows:

  • 7000 series aluminum.
  • Adjustable to 150cm.
  • Two sets of baskets(one powder basket and one a standard snowflake).
  • Rubber boots for summer walking use.
  • Cam locks for the length adjustment.
  • Cork grips with foam extension for sidehill hand adjustment.
  • Cost is $79.95
New Poles !

These are adjustable to 150 cm