The BC  side view

New Boots! Three models of 75mm (3pin) boots from Alico.

                                          Altai Skis Alico Boots, the Mountain, BC, and Tour.

We have been having a hard time finding a good selection of 3pin boots over the last few years so last year (after some testing) we brought in some Alico boots for a trial run. The boots did well and the quality was excellent.

Alico is an old Italian boot company and had worked with Karhu Skis years ago as well as built a lot of nice leather telemark boots back in the day. They are located in the northern part of Italy (just south of the Dolomites) and are part of the traditional boot making culture that has existed there for generations.

This year we have brought in 3 models tailored to what we think works best for our skis.

The three models we are stocking are the Mountain, the BC, and the Tour. There is a lot more information on the web page – New Alico Boots

The BC is the best all-around for the Hoks really good support and a great mix of tourability and downhill control.

The Tour is a great entry level boot for the Hoks – sturdy, great touring and great for general use.

The Mountain is for skiers with more a downhill skiing focus. Taller and stiffer then the BC and with an added ankle strap for more support, it will still tour well and get you where you want to go.

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