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Altai Skis Adjustable Ski Poles

We just go our new ski poles in. We have been working on these for the last year as many of our users still prefer to use two poles rather then our single poles (Tiaks) for skiing the Hoks. Our view is that two poles work great for cruising around on low angle terrain and […]

The BC  side view

New Boots! Three models of 75mm (3pin) boots from Alico.

                                          Altai Skis Alico Boots, the Mountain, BC, and Tour. We have been having a hard time finding a good selection of 3pin boots over the last few years so last year (after some testing) […]

Making a fresh trail on Boulder

Altai Skis Backcountry Ski and Hok Festival 2023

Saturday February 18th from 10AM to 3PM on Boulder Pass Altai Skis Backcountry Ski and Hok Festival 2023 Events and Activities Saturday, February 18th from 10am to 3pm – Demos of Altai Skis Hoks with universal pivot bindings (will fit any flexible soled shoe) as well as Hoks with 3 pin bindings, some 3 pin […]


Altai Skis Press Release

    Our press release announcing Altai Skis to the World!       Altai Skis Press Release   CONTACT: Nils Larsen Francois Sylvain nils@altaiskis.com francois@altaiskis.com www.altaiskis.com   New hybrid ski and snowshoe introduced   North America (April, 2011): The Altai Ski Company is born. Altai Skis represent a convergence of utility and adventure in […]