Sitzmark flyer 2019

The 4th Annual Altai Skis Hok Festival at Sitzmark

Saturday, January 26th

Once again we are having our Hok festival at Sitzmark Ski Area in Okanogan County, NE WA. Grab your Hoks or Koms, your tiak (or poles), your (3 pin)boots and come out and enjoy some up down and around in the Okanogan Highlands at Sitzmark.

Map of the Highlands with notable points of (skier) interest.
Looking North from SItzmark into Canada

There will be clinics and pointers for those interested in skiing with the Hoks both up and down the hill, and on how to use a Tiak (single pole), a unique way to ski with the Hoks. We will have some demos there as well for you to try out, both Hoks and Koms as well as some Tiaks.

Lisa touring south at the end of the day

 Sitzmark Ski Area, is a great little ski area deep in the Okanogan Highlands of NE Washington and is close to the world headquarters of Altai Skis in Curlew.

Checking out the skis

Some lodging options are available for those coming from out of the area – There are some Tonasket Motels and lodging as well as some in Oroville if you are coming from up north. In Wauconda there is the Diamond Belle Ranch – good skiing and beds for more then 20 with kitchen too.

Republic has some lodging as well.  Over an hour from Sitzmark, it is on the west side of Sherman pass (excellent skiing) and on the way home if you are coming from Spokane or points east.  Also of note in Republic is the Republic Brew Pub 

Looking west from the summit of Sitzmark

Sitzmark Ski Area

Sooo….. Where is Sitzmark?

From Oroville, where you would be if you came down through Osoyoos, BC.

From Tonasket, if you were coming from the south on Hwy 97.

From Curlew or crossing from BC at Grand Forks and also crossing at Midway.

From Republic and Highway 20 (this is the very scenic route!).

From Colville and traveling north on Hwy 395.


Openning with a rope tow in the 1950s, Sitzmark  now has a double chairlift and a rope tow. The terrain is a mix of mostly beginner through advanced intermediate with some nice open forest.

The area is very kid friendly and has rentals of alpine gear and snowboards for kids. We will also have some Balla Hoks (the kids hok ski) available as well as quite a few of the 125 Hoks.

The lodge is small and cozy with a big fireplace. There is food and hot drinks available and brown bags (your own food) are welcome.

SItzmark Ski Area