Altai Skis Festival at Sitzmark on February 8th Canceled for this year (2020)

Do to lack of snow and a dire forecast (warm) for this coming weekend. We hoe to return here next season as it is a great venue for us – lots of terrain to take the Hoks and a very low key atmosphere.

Last year (2019) Sitzmark had another late (and low) snow year but they agreed to have the festival with us and the lodge was opened for the event, but the chair was not running. We had Hoks and Koms so – NO PROBLEM😃🙌 See pics below, all generated with human power.

We hope to return to this next year as the area has been great and very supportive.

SItzmark Ski Area
SItzmark before the start of the Altai Ski Festival 2019
At the end of the day _ Altai Ski Festival 2019
Late light looking north to Mt Baldy in Canada.